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Mayimbe here… So back in October, Ben Fritz over at the L.A. Times reported that Warner Bros is running full steam ahead with getting a Justice League movie on the big screen by summer 2015. As of this morning, the … Continue reading


Mayimbe here…

So back in October, Ben Fritz over at the L.A. Times reported that Warner Bros is running full steam ahead with getting a Justice League movie on the big screen by summer 2015.

As of this morning, the search is still ongoing for a director and subject to how Man Of Steel performs, shooting should get underway next year. Now in case you been living under a rock the past year, everybody else knows that Marvel is dropping the sequel to The Avengers that summer as well. That is some pretty stiff competition.

In this corner we got Earth’s Mightiest Heroes going up against Thanos the Mad Titan. How will Warners respond? Just WHO will the Justice League face off against?

Not a Titan, but a GOD!

After some persistent snooping, we have exclusively learned that the main baddie is none other than…


Yes folks, Darkseid. The supreme monarch of the planet Apokolips and the greatest threat to the DC Universe.

It’s kind of obvious if you really think about it. I mean for Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and others to come together in a summer tentpole movie to face a threat, well, that threat better be planetary. Who were you expecting? Lex Luthor?

Now I’m not going to go into the whole Darkseid wiki backstory because there are other writers out there who can give you way better context on the super villain than I could. Quite frankly, the only experience I have with Darkseid is when Michael Ironside voiced him on Superman: The Animated Series. Remember when Darkseid killed Ben Turpin with his Omega Beams?

Anyway, there you have it folks. Bank on Darkseid raising all sorts of hell for the Justice League. Now as long as Darkseid doesn’t bring the members his corny entourage like Granny Goodness, then we are all good.

In fact, the following picture pretty much sums up Summer 2015.

Hasta el proximo capitulo folks…

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  • Sarhan Rashid

    Odd choice by WB to pick him as the villain for the first Justice League outing. It will force so many more comparisons with The Avengers 2. I would’ve preferred a stripped down JL (i.e. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter and The Flash) versus a more earthly nemesis with a big reveal of a bigger villain for the sequel. Yeah, it would be close to the first Avengers but if the formula works why not adapt it for a “nolan-esque” take?

  • ChargerVoom

    BOY dont play with my emotions

  • Royal Rican Prince

    Hopefully this strategy doesn’t blow uo in thier faces!

  • Myron Henry Jr.

    I guess WB/DC is not doing this either because Thanos appeared at the end of THE AVENGERS, right? SMH……….

  • Frankie Addiego

    And, of course, everyone’s looking for ways to find fault with DC because it’s too similar to the august Marvel, as opposed to before when they were upset that DC wasn’t following them closely enough!

  • Sockin

    There’s no way an established IP like The Avengers loses the box office to Justice League in 2015. Not with multiple films in the next few years leading up to it again, continuing to generate interest.

  • elmayimbe

    Interesting conversation…who else could have been the main baddie?

  • Junebug

    Depends on how they use Darkseid. He could still be a build up. There are characters in the DC universe who work for Darkseid, so that could all be part of the JL dealing with a threat on Earth ie. characters being controlled by Darkseid. A confrontation with Darkseid at the end could be the action finale a big movie like this would need.

  • Gokul Nath

    After solo movies of Captain America, Iroman 1 & 2, Inredible HULK, thor became hit, then only Avengers were formed and thus making no need to to introduce each heroes invidually to the audience (non-marvel fans) thus making people (non-marvel fans) easily to grasp the concept of Avengers. This were also a main reason for Avengers to be a HIT. Well Loki is not a ordinary villain, hes also a GOD type.

    Regarding JLA, Only Superman,Batman, GL solo movie(s) has come. What about FLASH, Wondewoman solo movies. only if FLASH & wonderwoman movie gives a decent run (of course we cant expect it as a smash-hit) they can think of combining of all the heroes as JLA. Making a direct JLA movie is a huge risk. Well ordinary villains like Luthor will make it as boring for JLA movie (Well we had enough of Luthor in superman movies). So its good that Darksied is better option as villain. Like Loki, Darksied is also a Godly character thus giving a good fighting chance for JLA.

  • Gokul Nath

    Well giving a second thought they can make a Thanagarians (dangerous hawkman aliens, See Justice league animated series) as villians. Maybe in second part they can make Darksied as Main Villain.

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  • Sleeper99999

    I think people want them to follow Marvel’s overall game plan (solo movies in the same continuity, leading to a teamup), not do their best to completely copy AVENGERS 2 (same year, same villain for all practical purposes).

  • Sleeper99999

    For this first movie, I’d say a Machiavellian schemer like Lex Luthor or (my preference) Vandal Savage, who has a number of powerful supervillains working with or for him. Darkseid for the first movie is probably too much. JUSTICE LEAGUE 2 can’t possibly top that antagonist. He should be built up.

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  • TommyTheGreenRanger

    I bet Lex Luthor will play a part of the events in the movie.

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  • Martin

    This is gonna be awesome! I’m still hoping that Reynolds will resprise his GL role though, he was pretty cool.

  • Jordan Elliot

    Now that’s just plain stupid, Darkseid is Thanos’ counterpart in the Marvel Universe, both movies would have the characters facing basically the same type of challenge. I would expect DC to played it on a more intellectual level and make them face I don’t know, someone like Brainiac, there’s already an awesome storyline portrayed in the DC Universe Online game as an example of that

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  • Andrew La Russa

    Let’s hope we get scene a scene in the movie just like this.

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  • Superman

    I have to disagree you put Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman for the first time together on the big screen and you have TDK franchise that is well know and Man of Steel which looks like it will blow everyone away as well I think it will do much better than Avengers. Avengers was more action base with little to no story as most of the Marvel movies. While I think Justice league will be more like TDK & TDKR & X2 where yo have a great story well mixed with action.

  • Blackeyes

    This is just dumb.They are setting up themeslves for more unfavorable avengers comparisons with choosing a thanos like villain. Dont they have brains?Look there are other Jl villains that are just as big.
    Hyperclan,Omacs,etc Why Cockblock themselves with Darkseid

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  • El Guapo

    They should have used someone that is just as a challenge then use someone as visually similar than Thanos….they should have used Despero

  • datruffx

    Wrong…Most of the Marvel movies are story based. Iron man is pretty much 70% story. Did you even count the action scenes? The same for Captain America and Thor. Hulk is the only action based and that’s because the comic is.

    You can’t use Batman to represent the seriousness of all DC movies. Superman was boring and Green Lantern was a joke. Watchmen is the only one worth noting and had about the same amount of action as the Captain America film which was mostly story.

    …And if Justice League does well, which I know it will; at this point it’s because of the success of the Avengers. People have already been broken into the concept. Being a DC and Marvel guy, I have no problems with it. It could probably do better than the first Avengers, but what about Avengers 2? Either way it’s good for comic fans.

  • datruffx

    Yea they should have distanced themselves from the Avengers because of the timing.

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  • SirBroiler

    Look to Young Justice to see how this could have played out without Darksied. A secret group of villains known as “The Light” distracting the League with smaller criminal escapades while executing an even bigger plan to destroy the heroes and humanity.

  • Hans Christian Vang

    I dont see how you could do anything other with darkseid than him appearing to engulf the world in fire, with a huge two hour long fight with different superheroes as a result… not really time to go into character.

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  • IKilledChubs

    One thing DC could do to out-do Marvel’s Avengers is to make the crisis seem more world threatening. I know DC doesn’t us real cities like Marvel does. But Avengers never really gave me a sense that the whole world was in danger and not just New York. Make it global or make it take place in space near Earth , have Dark Seid open a boom tube and have the JL waiting for him on the moon or something. I think that would help get the audience more attached to the movie.

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  • Utensilman

    Darkseid never killed Turpin with Omega Beams, he inhabited Turpin’s body, sent Bruce Wayne into the past with Omega Beams and then later, inside Turpin’s body, was hit by the God bullet he’d shot into the past that the Flashes redirected at him through time. I found an inaccuracy on the internet, is what I’m saying.

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  • Marc Klein

    Marvel has a plan. They introduced each character seperatly before they met up in The Avengers. DC is doing the reverse which is a very bad idea.

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  • DarkCowBoy

    I thought it should have been something like the white Martians, with the Martian Manhunter that assemble and create the Justice League to fight them, like in the comics-book.

  • That Guy

    Why would you lead with your biggest bad guy in the FIRST movie???? Where does the league go from there? Starro? Gorilla Grodd? Playing chess with Despero? WTF!

  • Blackeyes

    Hyperlclan or the Light.Maybe throw in an army of Omacs for Good measure.Definitely not Darkseid.

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  • Travis J DeSantis

    What, no love for Starro?

  • Clark Kentt

    Sockin. Hey I’m sorry…but it’s clear to me you are speaking as a Marvel fan. It’s all good. I don’t understand this rivalry between fan base smh. It’s like younger brother always wanting to out duel older. Listen you’re wrong, the difference why this route will work for DC/WB is because of 2 heavy hitters. Bat and Supes. That will draw in everyone and anyone, even grandmothers around the world. Let’s be honest…you’re telling me you not going to see JL when it drops. lol

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  • Brent Almond

    People are worrying about how they’ll follow Darkseid in Justice League 2. Good grief! I’ll be happy if JL1 ever gets made! And besides, I think a Legion of Doom (a la Alex Ross’ “Justice”) would be a great follow up — one big baddie for each member.

    Also, Granny Goodness is NOT corny. A big, evil woman who enslaves young girls and trains them to be evil warriors? Pretty scary shit.

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  • Michael Chronister

    I can see DC doing a “reverse Marvel” move, given that Batman is the only JL member received well on film. Even if Man of Steel rocks (fingers crossed) it might be better for solo films of the other members after JL delivers. I feel like they’re kind of playing catch-up with Marvel on the big screen, which is great. Quality over quantity will always win out.

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  • What the hell?

    Everyone is counting on that Batman and Superman first appearance together in the movies, aren’t they? I hate to break it to you, but comic fans have clamored for that for decades, NOT the general non-comic reading public, or “grandmothers like you suggest. The general public doesn’t understand why it’s even a thing, as “Superman would just kill Batman” and why is it even a contest, they would ask. And our money isn’t enough to justify making the movie, so I hope they know what they’re doing.

  • Peter James

    What we do know is that Avengers has already worked.
    It holds the record for biggest opening weekend ever. It’s a proven success and formula.

    What we also know is that so far all of DC/WB’s attempts at kickstarting their franchises without Nolan directing have all been bonafide disasters.

    Nolan is not (as far as we know) connected in any way to this coming JLA movie.

    You do the math.

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  • CCEkeke

    Mr. Kentt. Might have to disagree with you there. Batman will draw people (though it will not be Nolan’s Batman) and Superman might draw fans in to a degree (despite the decline in the character’s box office power over the past few years). But many of the other JL members are not known to the general public. We all saw what happened with the GL movie, which is not a good starting point for DC’s non-Supers or Bats lineup. I am all for Darkseid being a JLA villain down the road, but if he is the very first threat that the JLA faces, then that actually diminishes him as a character. What could be bigger than Darkseid? It also lowers the stakes for any sequels if WB blows their load with the JLA’s biggest threat on the first outing.

    Plus, we won’t get to flesh out other Justice Leaguers and their worlds with all the peeps they need to introduce. And because of this, anything that the main characters lose (loved one or their lives) to Darkseid will have little impact since there was no build up for the audience to care.

    The reason why Agent Coulson dying in Avengers had such impact (despite being a minor character) is because he was built up over many Marvel films. Who’s really going to care if Central City (Flash’s home) gets destroyed by Darkseid wen we never were given a reason to care about it or its inhabitants?


  • Sockin

    First let me say that yes, I will most likely see it. Just to see how it turned out.

    I was speaking from logic.The only familiarity the casual movie goer will have going into this is with the Man of Steel Superman (which for this movie’s sake, better work because if it doesn’t, why exactly would anyone want to see that character again?). Yes, they will know Batman, but an entirely new Batman that moviegoers won’t know if this Batman is supposed the same from the previous trilogy.

    Outside of that you presumably have the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern (a box office bomb and universally trashed.) and new heroes who you HAVE to go through introductions for and what their back story is. Otherwise the casual movie goer won’t care for them/have no attachment.

    On top of all that you’re asking the casual moviegoer to buy probably a very cosmic story with arguably the biggest villain in the DC universe and would need time to give him some sort of exposition as well. Not to mention the fact that they’ll be seeing Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy AND Avengers 2 and will see Darkseid as a carbon copy of the character.

    The amount of exposition this is going to need for it to be effective is ridiculous.

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  • chris

    “at this point it’s because of the success of The Avengers”… very, very wrong. All you have to do is combine all Superman and Batman fans and you already have a higher grossing movie than any Avengers movie that will be made. Trust me, everybody has been waiting for the Justice League longer than anybody waited for The Avengers.

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  • Patrick J Kennedy

    You’re unfamiliar with Darkseid and you write about comics? That’s like a music reviewer not knowing who the Rolling Stones are! Oh, and Ben Turpin’s character design from Superman:The Animated Series was based upon Jack Kirby, who created Darkseid, and whose family won’t see a dime for this. Again.

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  • NicholasBeni

    Here the first problem with the justice league movie, BRUCE WAYNE ISNT IN IT…A FOUNDING MEMBER OF THE JUSTICE LEAGUE

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  • Campbell_Glass

    And how do you know that?

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  • beane2099

    Are we debating whether JLA or Avengers is better? Yes, and I’m in BABY!!! Listen (or read), Avengers had the potential be awesome. Whedon and co., stepped in and took past all expectations. That said, Justice League has the potential to be mythical in it’s greatness. But it all comes down to execution. Iron Man sprang from so-so hero to practically replacing Spider Man as Marvel’s mascot because of how good Iron Man was (your opinion of that movie will vary, but it still did wonders for the character). But then we had Green Lantern, a character with great potential that’s been shot down because of a poor movie (and shall we mention Superman Returns?). Anyways, at this very moment, JLA has the potential to blow away Avengers or to be a big embarrassment. But right now that’s all this movie is: potential. I don’t feel that Darkseid is the right way to go, but I’ll wait and see.

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  • Chujo

    100% true. I can’t even believe their is a discussion over the relative popularities.

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  • Darkshogun

    I think they should have done a a hook and mislead with with Rouge cadmas experiments (or anti hero hero/non heroes) truly led by Lex getting out of hand. inadvertently summoning a more powerful world threatening villain like eclipse… currently fleeing from darksied.

  • Darkshogun

    vandal savage once in the comic tried to bring another meteor to the planet, like the one that changed him so that he could assend to godhood. I think 2 villans would make it awesome. darksied is too much for a starter

  • Darkshogun

    DC has more well known characters but a lack of direction (as they always have). They re-wright the DC multiverse constantly… great idea done wrong. They need to make their coming together last minuet. I think braniac would be the best villain for it but have it where he is not advertised as the main villain… just arriving or getting powerfull enough to physically battle in the last 25% of the film.

  • Darkshogun

    That was crap!!! The reasons why darkside is darkside is because he is the best. the reason why they are the league is cause it is rare but there are things that are too much for The Batman to do alone or with robin, then there is his back up superman!! and that fight went more like this!!!!!!!!

  • Darkshogun

    As you can see he gets the hits in but winning a real fight against Darkside is not an option alone!!!!!

  • Darkshogun

    I can agree with you. the main reason that ironman did so good is because he is the only relateable charter. thor is a god, hawkeye and BW are super spies and lame for a solo story hulk… anyway. most of the JLA are godish charters and bruce is the damn batman!!!!!! Greenlantern was not a well done movie! I am a flash fan and he is the only one with a even normal job as a forensic cop!

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  • boybluemusic

    Holy shit this actress IS WONDER WOMAN…

    and she wants the role, look at the tweet she sent out today (below)….. her name is julie paige?? Up and coming girl from NYC

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  • knowledge

    I just wanna point out, since nobody on this website seems to know this, THANOS IS A RIPOFF OF DARKSIED. Google it, I’m right. To many marvel nerds on their high horse about the JLA facing a “thanos-like” villian, its actually the avengers facing a Darkseid-like villian.

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  • BobChaos23

    I think Betty White would make an awesome Granny Goodness, personally. ^_^

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  • thanos

    Huge scoop, good work

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  • Barchiel


  • dood

    >Hulk is the only one “purely” action based and that’s because the comic is.

    you obviously havent read much hulk

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  • datruffx

    I’m a HULK comic fan. Maybe I was stretching with that “purely”. That was my perception growing up on it as a kid. Loved to see him “smash”. But you’re right; HULK has a great story unfolding as well…..especially recently

  • datruffx

    You don’t think Justice League being created has anything to do with the success of the Avengers? They were barely holding on to Superman and now all of a sudden we get a full cast of heroes approved…Could be a coincidence, but I doubt it…It was a rumor til’ now….

    I’m a fan of both DC and Marvel, but I still don’t see what was “very,very wrong” about my statement.

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  • Guest

    DAN TURPIN! The man’s name is DAN Turpin!
    Something you might remember if you had read a comic book with him in it, instead of just hearing the name spoken on an animated series…

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  • Hal Polcari

    Just….. no.

  • Last Son of Krypton

    Superman has more than 75 years of history. You can’t base your poor judgment in something so pedestrian and shallow as the last Superman Returns’ box office. As for the movies only, SUPERMAN THE MOVIE starring Christopher Reeve, set the standard for all of the superhero movies ever made after that. Superman and Batman popularity is not base only on movies from the last decade or so. And most I remind you that the Avengers comic was created as a copy of the Justice League of America comic, back in the 60′s?

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  • Hal Polcari

    Let’s get to it then. Oh and before I begin, to the individual(s) that claim everyone’s been waiting for JL even more than Avengers, speak for yourselves. Marvel eats DC any day of the week.

    As far as WB/DC’s decision goes, I’m against it. And not just Darkseid, but the movie as it stands right now. It’s been said too many times, we need the stepping stones. You can’t carry this solely on Batman, especially since it won’t be Nolan’s Batman. To anyone that says they can return Ryan Reynolds, kindly connect your face with moving traffic. Don’t get me started on GL. Absolute trash.

    They need to introduce the characters the way Marvel did. They’re blowing it way too quickly simply because The Avengers lit a fire under their asses. Who says Man of Steel will work out? If it fails will they still attempt to come out with Justice League? Horrible choices have been made by DC in the last few years. That’s what you get when you’re staff is comprised of mandrills.

    And Darkseid, yes the character is fantastic. Yes, he is an appropriate threat to the JL. And yes, he did come out before Thanos, in fact Thanos is a tribute to him. BUT, the statement that the general public will see him as a carbon copy is correct. They’re exposed to Thanos first, so naturally he’s the original. Take the fact that I like Thanos better out of the equation. Darkseid is not a first movie villain. Use Brainiac. Use Grodd or Amazo or Despero. Maybe even Solomon Grundy. Hell, here’s an idea: Kalibak comes to Earth with a few Parademons to cause chaos and the JL sends him packing or even kills him, gaining his father Darkseid’s attention who will come to exact his revenge in a future film.

    You want to know how you’ll be like The Avengers? LEAVE IT THE FUCK ALONE!!!!

  • Matthew Bagnall

    While Marvel has an established film series the DC universe has nothing at this moment in time;

    Batman’s film series has ended and has been confirmed to be rebooted for the justice league movie meaning nothing happened!

    Superman is getting his origin story retold for the 4th? time in film – those films being Superman 1948, Superman 1978, Superman returns and Man of Steel. We dont need to hear his freaking back story again, this is just padding!

    Wonder Woman has a film that might happen which the only news about was people stating it was in development in 2010 and nothing has been heard since…

    Face it, DC pulled this out their ass to try and compete with ‘The Avengers 2′ and trick people into believing that Justice League is the Avengers 2 by giving a similar villain.

    Essentially – by 2015 the Justice league film will likely only have Superman and possibly Wonder Woman as prequels, neither of which will likely be that succesful – Wonder woman will probably flop depending on how they tell the story.

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  • StanLeeOverDC

    The amount of fans is irrelevant — the first Justice League movie will probably do absurdly well, but the fact is DC’s characters (with the exception of Batman) are

    1. saturated with so many — and ever expanding — super-powers that the character becomes a bore with whom no one can relate (Superman).

    2. has a back-story that’s just a bit TOO far-fetched (Green Lantern) — and let’s face it — the most recent Superman Returns and Green Lantern movies were disappointing at best. Hell, Green Lantern was considered a borderline flop, if I’m not mistaken…and I’m STILL confused if whether that movie was intended as a comedy or action film. Either way they failed to make me laugh or….well…..feel ANY emotion — especially amusement / entertainment.

    With a bit of reluctance, (Momma always told me don’t say nuthin’ if ya ain’t gonna say sumthin’ nice), let’s take a look a the rest of the “Mediocre League”:

    Wonder Woman — her inferior gender aside, (mix a superhero movie with The Notebook — that’s right, a part of me just died too), her weapon of choice is a lasso.

    Is this a fucking rodeo or a Sarah Palin campaign???

    Just cast Sarah Jessica Parker as the lead role, and watch test audiences’ faces melt like the Nazis in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    *If you pay to see this movie, you should be subject to the same penalties as registered child molesters or those witches they burned in Salem.** **Speaking of witches — Remember what happened to Dumbledore in Harry Potter 6? — He made the mistake of watching a pre-screening of Wonder Woman. The poor soul…If only she were there to save him with her goddamn lasso!…back in the late 1800s when a lasso was USEFUL. I guess nowadays Dumbledore could have at least used it to hang himself before enduring more of this surely torturous film. Sure, he COULD just watch it and hope for the best, but we all know that’s the coward’s way out.

    ***PLUS they say that watching The Notebook COULD rip your soul into 7 pieces — which explains more realistically how Voldemort got those 7 horcruxes — 7 ex-girlfriends stripped away his humanity through multiple viewings of this cinematic abomination. No wonder he was pissed,

    Never seen The Notebook? Picture getting a vasectomy from Helen Keller.

    *Side note*
    If the movie took place in the appropriate “lasso” time-period, after saving the wild-west, Wonder Woman could have AT LEAST gone back to the local saloon and got wasted on ButterBeer (aka Moonshine) with Dumbledore, and had an orgy with the town sheriff, Dumbledore, and Draco Malfoy (I didn’t say they were making love…NO EMOTION…just witches, local sheriffs, Wonder Woman, and an underage, unsuspecting minor SPORT-FUCKING, SWEATING, and committing STATUTORY RAPE.
    …At least the lasso would be useful in that situation.

    *Vulgarity concluded…Now back to verbally violating the rest of DC’s moderately-anticipated movies,

    The Flash — could be promising, but there’s something that just seems limiting about a guy who can run exceedingly fast. Don’t get me wrong — I’d LOVE to have a superpower like that (or any for that matter…sigh), but The Flash is a distant second-place to Batman, who remains the only character worthy of any respect or attention. At least The Flash has ONE power, unlike that douche Superman, whose powers increase as convenient opportunities arise.

    Last, and CERTAINLY least, we have Aquaman. Aquaman can talk to fish and other sea creatures. Other than that, he has no cool powers of which to boast.

    Wait a minute…who gives a fuck about talking to marine animals?

    A fish has a memory of less than 10 seconds — how fucking helpful will that be? You know, Aquaman, there’s this nutty thing called the Internet (or mass media in general) where we can find our information — likely more reliable than the word of a goddam flounder (unless of course we’re speaking of FOX News, owned by a dangerously unbalanced man who gets HIS information from his colon). In THAT choice of two evils, I tend to go with the lesser species (meaning the fish, if there was understandable confusion).

    Is this guy really vital to the team? Between a guy who can speak to fish, or an experienced police officer or ex-marine, I’m gonna go with the guy who can actually fight – not be an extra in The Little Mermaid. In fact, I’ll even take the crab from The Little Mermaid…at least he had claws to defend himself.

    The rest (and largely unknown to me) of the DC characters seem to me as
    imagined and creative as villains from the MegaMan videogame
    series…Heat Man AND Fire Man — really though? Changing a character’s
    name to a synonym doesn’t hide the smell of regurgitated bullshit.

    And now, a more positive, less hateful post: Best Avenger’s Movie villain (for the unforeseeable future movies) — The owner of FOX News, because as The Dark Knight showed us, it’s FUCKING DIFFICULT to combat pure insanity.

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  • (Warren) Scofield

    Thanos is a crappy Darkseid knockoff. Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Flash, and Wonderwoman outdo the Avengers in terms of cool superheroes.

  • Marco A. V.

    The problem is this. All DC/Batman fans went to enjoy commedy and action in the Avengers. But did all Marvel fans go to enjoy the thrill and adventure in the The Dark Knight Rises? So by being the first union of characters, the film had a huge advantage.

  • Matt King

    and the audience gets dumber…

    Superman might be a god, but he’s a god raised in Kansas with salt-of-the-Earth values and as Clark Kent is a geeky, bumbling, shy loner who we can all relate to. We always want to show the world what we can do if given the opportunity to do so. He has the wisdom to use his powers for good in a world with people, such as yourself or any poster who feels he’s too OP’d for that matter, that seeks to destroy people like him. He’s the ultimate symbol of hope and good we all want to be, and it sucks because we know in our hearts because if we had his powers, and none of us had the Kents to raise us, we’d all be evil little pricks like Lex Luthor. That’s a story that’s universal and relateable, being powerful and not knowing quite how to show it.

    Wonder Woman: Child of the Gods, Warrior for Peace sent to Man’s world to save us from the forces of Ares and the forces of war. While her gender is a gag that gets poked at for like 5 minutes, it gets tossed away when she starts going toe-to-toe with demons of Tartarus. She also will use conventional weapons beyond the Lasso of Truth like sword and shield, and even dons battle armour for major battles when she deems it necessary. She’s essentially Thor only female. Done.

    Flash: A CSI who is methodical and meticulous to the point he has to stop to worry about everyone individually ever since his mom was murdered by a villain he didn’t even make yet and his father took the blame and went to jail. Ironic for a guy that can move and the speed of light and even alter time. Always blaming himself for the faults of others and always feeling alone because he has to slow down for everyone else to even speak to him normally. Not to mention he has a wicked inferiority complex because he failed to save his mother, failed to get his dad out, and he’s the Fastest Man Alive, and yet he’s chasing the Trickster around a Jewelery store while Superman’s up there towing the moon on a chain. We can all relate to not feeling we belong in the same league as the Man of Tomorrow or the World’s Greatest Detective.

    His superspeed isn’t just a matter of running though: He can vibrate his molecules to pass through solid objects like walls or bullets; healing factor; accelerated metabolism; re-direct bullets with careful precision back at their owners, or away from innocent people; run counterclockwise to a hurricane or tornado and stop it, or create his own cyclones; race across water before he has time to sink; INFINITE MASS PUNCH, he gets up to top speed, he can make even Superman or Darkseid implode, and in fact, the Justice League has used this ability for Flash to build up speed enough to kick him in the head, effectively putting the big guy down, while the others distract him.

    Green Lantern was actually done perfectly in his outing. The fault was in the screenwriters not knowing how to properly translate it to cinema. Ryan Reynolds did Hal Jordan as a cocky test-pilot, but seeing as this was the origin story bogged down by too many ideas spoon-fed to the audience, we never got to see it quite flourish the way we wanted it to.

    Martian Manhunter is Spock. No, seriously. Unlike Superman, who came here as a baby and was raised by us, J’onn Jonzz came here as an adult and views us as outsiders and feels even more disconnected being the last of his kind than Superman, the Last Son of Krypton, does. He has to learn to grow to even care for these people. We all relate to that, why with this movie: Why should we care about these characters? He has the chance to be the cynical audience perspective if you let him.

    Aquaman might have a bad rap, but let’s face it, the rest of the world police 1/4 of the Earth, and he has the remaining 3. Superstrong, considering he can walk in Marianas Trench and the Laurentian Abyss and be unimpeded even though that’d be like walking thru sand down there. Agile, and he has the Trident of Posedion, the deadly spear which sort of acts in the fashion Mjolnir does for Thor.

    Character-wise, besides the rhetoric of the public, he is a king in exile who doesn’t belong on either world because he is ridiculed by troglodies, or hated for caring too much for the surface world. He just can’t seem to get a break or fit in anywhere. You also ask if he’s vital? He’s on a team of superheroes that all thing they’re king-shit, when he IS a king and is STILL despised. He could be there to bring everyone down a notch and say “guys, calm your tits.”

    Each character has flaws and motivations to be a hero. Each bounce off one-another: Batman and Green Lantern don’t get along, Batman wishing to use fear as a weapon, and Green Lantern being the moral icon of overcoming fear, Batman and Flash’s shared love of detective work, the trust between the World’s Finest, the concept of the Trinity, which brings conflict. Layman’s terms, Justice League has all the tools that Avengers does, if the writers hired would remember to use all of them just like Whedon did with the Avengers.

    A key factor to Darkseid is his minons: Granny Goodness, the Female Furies, Gordon Godfrey, and Desaad. Each of whom are designed to break and take down each member of the League, preying on their weaknesses and essentially fucking with them to the point where they HAVE to realize that they may not always like each other, but they need each other to send these clowns, and their boss, into low orbit. So Darkseid doesn’t even need to speak to have his presence known on film, except when he comes in with Parademons to make the league switch tactics and go “right… Army.” And each would be required and vital to taking him down.

    I only have a semester of creative writing (one class being comics) and I can already see aspects of the film take shape and have it be as dynamic as the rest. Like Avengers, you don’t need to persay focus on all 7, I mean hell, Widow and Hawkeye got shunted for the most part, and they still had to develop Nick Fury and Maria Hill AND Coulson! That’s 9 heroes and the villain, which makes 10. Yet the focus was on Iron Man, Cap, Thor, and Hulk. The ones people are paying to see. People are paying to see Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and probably Green Lantern due to him still being out there like Hulk was for the kiddies who watch the tv show (which is well-received btw) and going “yeah, he DID have a movie…”

    Flash, J’onn, and Aquaman will still be there, but they won’t get “the shine” as much as those 4 would. Process of elimination really at that point.

    I’m a fan of both companies, and I want this film to succeed. It has as much potential as Avengers did, and Avengers succeeded on all cylinders.

  • datruffx

    Not the point…Who doesn’t know what Superman means to Super hero movies?….I just proved that the numbers stated differently from his point…

    Half of these kids weren’t even alive the last time a good Superman movie was released.

    …Superman fans like myself are not going to support a movie just because we are fans of the comics. How much crap does Hollywood have to bait us with to get the message? I stated if it was “worth watching”, people would go see it didn’t I?

    ..And I don’t do that “vs” convo, as I’m a fan of both Universes. We can argue influences from Marvel and DC on each other all day.

    So let me remind “you” that the popularity of the comic does not always lead to movie success.

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  • Total Comic Mayhem

    The hype could give The Justice League a huge box office opening weekend, but if the movie is crap, word will get out fast and it could hurt the films over all performance i.e. Green Lantern. I am extremely happy they’re doing a Justice League finally, but I also hope it’s good. There’s also the point that none of DC/Warner’s comic book movies are a shared universe, so it will be confusing if Man of Steel decides to have sequels while the Justice League movie franchise is also active in the theaters.

    Having two different supermans is like having Chris Evans play the regularly titled Cap movies while someone else plays Cap in the Avengers franchise. Pretty lame.

    However, the word is DC is planning on rebooting Batman after Justice League and hopefully they use the same actor for the Batman reboot as they do in the Justice League or else it will just be a cluttered mess.

    As for Marvel, they did a stellar job on connecting and crossing over their characters to one big epic which is the Avengers storyline. Each movie is like a chapter in a single book. Making all these stories and characters overlap was no easy feat. If it was, Warner/DC would’ve thought of it first.

    I highly doubt Man of Steel will blow away the Avengers at the box office. According to my polls, more fans are interested in seeing a Flash movie than the Man of Steel. The trailer does look good, however.

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  • Bryan Lye

    The first part I can’t dispute, but your second, plenty…superman vs Thor, batman vs black panther, green lantern vs quasar, Martian man hunter vs sersi, flash vs quick silver, mrs marvel vs wonder woman

    And in assure you, the marvel heroes are a lot cooler and less cheesy.

  • Bryan Lye

    Marvel left out ant man and the wasp, which were founding members. Hawkeye, captain America and the black widow were not founding members

  • Bryan Lye

    I’d love to see vandal savage any day of the year 1000x more than dark seid. He’s way cooler IMO

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  • Robb Wolford

    Darkseid is a great choice for a Justice Leauge villain!


    This looks like the same paradigm from The Avengers. Why not try something different?

  • Anthony V

    Which is stupidly risky. If the JL film bombs, there goes any chance of seeing films of Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, etc for at least the next decade. Marvel Studios has the better management right now.

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  • Marc Klein

    There was a JL film in the works years ago. There was a script and I believe it was somewhat cast .with Armie Hammer (An unknown then) set for Batman.

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  • ronnmax

    I have read both for decades…
    Sorry, Marvel owns, no contest.

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